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How to insure bitcoin

How to insure your Bitcoin

With the renewed interest in cryptocurrency that comes with the Bitcoin price reaching an all-time-high, the number of crypto thefts and scams has never been greater. So how can you insure your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Can an individual insure their personal cryptocurrency holdings? The answer is yes, but like most things in the crypto …

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Are Crypto Deposits Safe

Is Crypto Lending Safe?

As large amounts of capital is being channelled into crypto finance projects, more people are asking if their crypto collateral is safe? The answer is a definite ‘sort of’.  In 2020 the average interest rate for savings accounts in the US was 0.04% APY. It no surprise then that investors are looking to crypto to …

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Celcius Security ISO Certificate

Celsius Security Receives ISO Rating Certificate

Celsius security undergoes audit and receives ISO/IEC 27001 certification. With crypto-insurance hard to come by, asset security is a high priority for crypto holders – particularly when it involves moving your crypto to crypto finance platforms conducting centralized lending and borrowing. Here, clients must pass their private keys to service providers like Nexo, Gemini and …

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