Cake DeFi Taps Gamer Market With Razer Silver

Cake DeFi Gaming News
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Cake DeFi has entered a partnership with the gaming loyalty rewards program Razer Silver which will allow Razer Silver customers to exchange their loyalty credits for Cake DeFi vouchers via the Razer Silver Rewards catalog.

As part of the deal, Cake DeFi will be listed and promoted on the Razer Silver website. By clicking on the link, Razer Silver gamers will be allowed to exchange their loyalty points (Razer Silver) for Cake DeFi vouchers, giving them access to a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and DeFiChain via the Cake DeFi platform.

Cake founder Julian Hosp sees a strong link between the crypto and gaming sectors, and he’s hopeful the partnership will see Cake introduce a new user base to its platform, by providing easy access and onboarding to Razer Silver users.

“There is a strong correlation between gamers and crypto enthusiasts,” he says. “Through this collaboration, we have lowered the barrier to entry to the crypto ecosystem to provide Razer Silver gamers access to crypto assets on Cake DeFi in a seamless manner. 

The mechanics of the exchange between Razer Silver loyalty points and Cake Defi is 10,000 Razor Silver points will entitle a Razer Silver gamer who joins Cake Defi to $5 of Cake’s native DFI token. The DFI will be allocated into Cake DeFi’s staking product, earning users staking rewards every 12 hours. Users may also choose to withdraw the DFI as there is no lock up period the company says.

Razer claims to have 175 million users and is dual headquartered in Irvine, California, and Singapore, with regional headquarters in Hamburg and Shanghai.